herg (ikr)ina

Safety, Discovery and Efficacy Studies

The Zenas Difference….native human cardiac myocytes.
Zenas features ion channel assays recorded from native human cardiac myocytes, providing the most relevant preclinical evaluation of your compounds while avoiding anamolies often found when using differentiated stem cells or expression systems. Using human atrial or ventricular myocytes, we analyze
Ito, Isus, INa, ICa, Ik1. We also developed a methodology translating hERG assay results into a clinical marker for
QT prolongation.

The Zenas Difference….physiologic temperature and results.
At Zenas, we also believe its important to determine how your compound behaves at physiologic temperatures rather than speculate about a temperature effect. While many labs conduct hERG assays at room temperature for convenience, all our hERG experiments, even higher throughput screenings, are performed at physiologic temperatures for the most precise, physiologically meaningful results.

The Zenas Difference….central nervous system screening.
Zenas has also translated its cardiac ion channel expertise into screening
compounds against neuronal ion channels. As one of the few CROs to offer this CNS efficacy assay, Zenas is helping clients advance their chronic neuropathic pain development programs.

The Zenas Difference….comprehensive cardiovascular assays.
Zenas offers comprehensive protocol design and technical oversight on cardiac action potential as well as other effective cardiovascular models to streamline your drug development needs.

The Zenas Difference….consulting expertise.
One-on-one consulting is available for strategy design, problem solving and analysis expertise.


“At Zenas Technologies, we are always seeking innovative ways to advance scientific research and help our clients with their discovery, efficacy and
safety drug development programs.”
Dr. William Crumb, Founder