Zenas Technologies to Exhibit at Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting

Metairie, Louisiana (May 2011) – For the first time, Zenas Techonolgies will be attending the Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting. Dr. William Crumb, Zenas Founder and Scientific Director, and Brent Kovach, Zenas Business Development Director, will head to Innsbruck, Austria for the conference to be held on September 19th through the 22nd.
“We are looking forward to attending this meeting to showcase our cardiac and central nervous system ion channel expertise. We have a number of proprietary models we believe will appeal to many of the researchers attending the event,” says Mr. Kovach.

Dr. Crumb, a pioneer in defining the ion channel mechanisms underlying drugs with adverse cardiac effects and characterizing the relationship between hERG block and QT prolongation, will be on hand to answer to questions and discuss the company’s growing portfolio of assays.

“This conference will provide us with an opportunity to connect with some of our current clients as well as introduce our capabilities to new colleagues associated with the Safety Pharmacology Society,” says Dr. Crumb.

Zenas Technologies is a contract research organization dedicated to providing accurate, predictive assays and in-depth expert analysis for clients looking for answers to their cardiovascular and central nervous systems questions. Having screened thousands of compounds against a variety of ion channels, Zenas offers comprehensive protocol design, technical oversight and consulting.

Visit Zenas Technologies at www.zenastech.com for more information.


Brent Kovach, Director of Business Development

William Crumb, Ph.D., Founder/Scientific Director of Zenas Technologies

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