Dr. William J. Crumb Jr., Ph.D. Founder and Scientific Director
Dr. Crumb, the leading expert on cardiac ion channel physiology and pharmacology, established Zenas Technologies in 1996. A pioneer in his field, Dr. Crumb translated his expertise in cardiovascular pharmacology and research into defining the ion channel mechanisms underlying drugs with adverse cardiac effects and characterizing the relationship between hERG block and QT prolongation.

Dr. Crumb continues to develop innovative methodologies using native human cardiac myocytes and conducting studies at physiologic temperatures. He is also translating his cardiovascular expertise into central nervous system screening and analyzing the neuronal sodium channel for efficacy.
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Brent A. Kovach, Director, Business Development
Mr. Kovach, has spent his career building, developing, managing and funding various lucrative business ventures. After spending years successfully negotiating and navigating the oil, natural gas and energy industry, he turned his attention to the pharmaceutical industry.

As director of business development, Mr. Kovach is responsible for growing the Zenas brand, managing marketing endeavors and expanding the company’s client base. Mr. Kovach is a graduate of Florida State University where he earned a bachelor’s of science in both finance and geology.

Our Support Team
Zenas Technologies enlists the expertise of technicians and scientists to meet our clients’ research objectives and timelines.