Dr. William Crumb Joins CorDynamics Corporate
Advisory Team

Chicago, Illinois/Metairie, Louisiana (February 2011) – Dr. William Crumb, founder and scientific director of Zenas Technologies, will be lending his cardiac ion channel expertise to the CorDynamics Corporate Advisory Team.

“Collaborating with CorDynamics on their cardiovascular projects and what we’ve perfected at Zenas Technologies will be a natural fit for both of our companies,” says Dr. Crumb.

CorDynamics is a comprehensive contract research organization and consulting group focused on examining the cardiovascular effects of emerging drug candidates for discovery, preclinical and safety pharmacology clients.

“Dr. Crumb has played a pivotal role in defining ion channels, uncovering the ion channel mechanisms underlying drugs with adverse cardiac effects and characterizing the relationship between hERG block and QT prolongation,” said Dr. Michael Gralinski, CorDynamics CEO. “We look forward to working with him in this area.”

Zenas Technologies is a contract research organization dedicated to providing accurate, predictive assays and in-depth expert analysis for clients looking for answers to their cardiovascular and central nervous systems questions. Having screened thousands of compounds against a variety of ion channels, Zenas offers comprehensive protocol design, technical oversight and consulting.

Visit Zenas Technologies at www.zenastech.com for more information.

To learn more about CorDynamics, visit their website at www.cordynamics.com.

William Crumb, Ph.D., Founder/Scientific Director of Zenas Technologies

Brent Kovach, Director of Business Development

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