Zenas Technologies to Present Abstract at Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting

Metairie, Louisiana (August 2011) –Zenas Techonolgies will present an abstract at the Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting in Innsbruck, Austria September 19th through the 22nd.

The Zenas abstract builds on the premise that a hERG dataset obtained under appropriate experimental conditions can be used to predict and quantify drug-associated changes in QTc in patients.

“It’s well accepted that drug-associated QT prolongation is most often the result of the blockade of one or more repolarizing potassium currents, most notably the IKr channel (or hERG). Because virtually all drugs which are associated with QT prolongation have been shown to block hERG current, regulatory agencies have made the assessment of hERG liability a requirement in the cardiac safety evaluation of a drug,” says Dr. William Crumb, Zenas Founder and Scientific. “However, despite this requirement there is surprisingly little known about the relationship between hERG block and QT interval prolongation.”

Previous peer articles have been unable to provide much guidance in assigning the potential QT risk of a drug and if hERG block is observed. The Zenas abstract is based on a dataset of drugs in which the hERG measurements were conducted in an identical experimental manner utilizing similar physiological conditions.

“The QTc change predicted from the slope of the linear fit closely reflected the observed QTc change,” says Dr. Crumb. “This suggests that a hERG dataset obtained under appropriate experimental, physiologically-relevant conditions can be used to predict and quantify drug associated changes in QTc in patients.”

Zenas Technologies is a contract research organization dedicated to providing accurate, predictive assays and in-depth expert analysis for clients looking for answers to their cardiovascular and central nervous systems questions. Having screened thousands of compounds against a variety of ion channels, Zenas offers comprehensive protocol design, technical oversight and consulting.

To learn more about this research or Zenas Technologies, go to www.zenastech.com.

Dr. William Crumb, Founder/Scientific Director of Zenas Technologies

Brent Kovach, Director of Business Development

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